Michael R. Goodwin, a Maine native, discovered his talents at young age. He began composing and arranging music while in elementary school, a passion that continued through high school and beyond. Some of his music was featured in a Maine PBS feature titled "School Zones" in 2003. 

His interest in photography is another hobby that he pursued into adulthood, as well. Michael's photography can be seen on the FOX TV series "Fringe".  

Michael's writing career started in 2008 when he began writing a blog under a pseudonym. He wrote there for several years, its rising popularity leading him to publish articles on such sites as GoodMenProject.com and TheFatherLife.com. These articles gained enough interest on their own to land an interview with the Chicago Tribune.  

Michael’s writing portfolio includes a self-published, full-length novel titled THE LIBERTY KEY, a thrilling story about a damaged man who finds a way to heal from an unexpected place, and a collection of short stories titled ROADSIDE FORGOTTEN.

He lives in Maine with his wife and their four children.